Tuesday, 18 January 2011

‘The results have been astounding’

Catherine's Background

Catherine has competed in six world championships and holds two Bronze and one Gold medal in the Best of British National Championships. The triathlons involve a 1,500 metre swim, immediately followed by a 40 kilometre bike section and then directly followed by a 10 kilometre run. Catherine has also competed in two Duathlon World Championships and has previously qualified to compete in the Elite Women’s start at the London Marathon.
Catherine's Testimonial

“As someone who has always been interested in health and studied nutrition, I have become increasingly concerned that most sports supplements contain unnatural ingredients and the method on how many sports products stimulate energy is not good for overall health.

I have been searching for a quality range of supplements for some time and fortunately I was introduced to the Nature’s Sunshine range.  The results which I have experienced have been astounding.  For example, when I finish any training session which may be anything from an hour hard swim or a 15 to 18 mile run, I feel like I haven’t even been training with no aches, no lack of energy and feeling like I could do the same session again.

Since taking Nature’s Sunshine products I have experienced radical differences in my training, racing and general health.  I have been using the sports programme, taking TNT for energy before and during training/racing.  I have always used a protein supplement after training/racing but the most commonly used protein powders taste synthetic and contain artificial sweeteners.

SynerProtein is the best protein I have tasted and with all the nutrients I feel my recovery time has greatly improved.  I always feel fully recovered and have trained the same day feeling stronger.  Recently, I achieved my personal best in a half marathon.  About 7 miles into the race I felt the Target Endurance kick in & felt an incredible amount of energy and strength.  Colds, and illness always affects athletes because intense exercise lowers the immune system.

  Since I have been taking Zambroza in the morning, evening and before and after training I have not had any colds even with training up to 4 hours a day.
For any athlete reading my testimonial, I can assure you that you will not find a better range of products to support your sports performance, fitness, health, energy, endurance and vitality.”
Catherine O’Carroll - Olympic distance triathlete

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